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Recent Theory Subdivision News

If you are a member of the Theoretical Chemistry Subdivision and would like to submit an item to appear on our news page, please contact us.

17 July 2015

ACS Fellows from Theoretical Subdivision

Congratulations to Profs. Anna Krylov of U. Southern California and T. Daniel Crawford of Virginia Tech, both of whom are members of the Theoretical Chemistry Subdivision, for being selected as 2015 ACS Fellows!

18 March 2015

Two Theory Summer Schools for 2015

Two Summer Schools will be held at Virginia Tech in late June 2015. An NSF-supported School on software development for computational chemistry will run June 22 - July 1, and a second School on molecular response properties will run the following week June 29 - July 3. Interested students should contact Prof. Daniel Crawford.

10 March 2015

2015 ACS Award in Theoretical Chemistry

Congratulations to Prof. Mark Gordon who is the winner of the 2015 ACS National Award in Theoretical Chemistry!

12 March 2014

2014 PHYS Division Theory Awards

Profs. Doug Tobias and Filip Furche, both from U. C. Irvine, are the winners of the 2014 PHYS Division Theory Awards.

12 March 2014

2014 ACS Award in Theoretical Chemistry

Congratulations to Prof. Axel Becke who is the winner of the 2014 ACS National Award in Theoretical Chemistry.

12 March 2014

2014 Theory Graduate Student Awards

Congratulations to Stéphanie Valleau and Rob Parrish on being selected as the 2014 winners of the Theory Subdivision Graduate Student Awards!

11 March 2014

New Theory Subdivision Website Launched!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Theory Subdivision website!