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Theoretical Chemistry Symposia

ACS National Meeting, Mar. 31 - Apr. 4 2019

The Spring ACS meeting in Orlando, FL includes a number of symposia emphasizing theoretical chemistry, including electronic structure theory for large systems, astrochemistry, polyradicals, and time-resolved spectropscopy of complex systems.

2019 Theory Graduate Student Awards

Announcement: Call for 2019 gradute students awards in theoretical chemistry Deadline: May 30, 2019. More details

2019 PHYS Division Theory Awards

Profs. Laura Gagliardi of Univ. of Minnesota and Frank Noe of Freie Universitaet Berlin, are the winners of the 2019 PHYS Division Theory Awards.

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2018 ACS Award in Theoretical Chemistry

Congratulations to Prof. Emily Carter who is the winner of the 2018 ACS National Award in Theoretical Chemistry!

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Women in Theoretical Chemistry

Prof. Anna Krylov at U. Southern California has compiled an impressive directory of women in theoretical and computational chemistry, materials science, and biochemistry.


ACS Fellow from Theoretical Subdivision

Congratulations to Prof. Teresa Head-Gordon of UC-Berkeley, a member of the Theoretical Chemistry Subdivision, for being selected as a 2018 ACS Fellow!